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Gameplay Nitty Gritty

Post by Nanaba on Tue Aug 18, 2015 5:11 pm

1) FETRPG will use a two-RN roller, in which attacks connect if the average of two random numbers between 0 and 99 inclusive is lower than the displayed hit. The DM has a script which can be used to roll for hit. However, if you want to roll on your own time, you can use Invisible Castle's roller, with 1d100-1 dice. Link the roll made in Skype if you're going to do this. Check the spoiler below for more details on how to use the Invisible Castle roller for FETRPG.

These are the settings you would use to roll for hit during combat.

To determine whether or not the attack landed, take the average of the two numbers the roller gives you. If it's lower than the displayed hit, congrats! ...or tough luck if your unit is on the receiving end.

As an aside, rolling the 1d100-1 dice once works for determining whether your unit landed a critical hit or skill activation.

This is the roller you would use to determine level-up gains. The rolled numbers, as they appear, correspond to each stat: the top number would be for HP (and your unit gain HP if the number is less than your HP growth), second from top would be for STR, bottom would be for RES, and so on.
1b) The game will use the same combat formulas as the 3DS games (but Dodge/Crit Avo will still be equal to Luck, because fuck IS for changing it to be Luck/2 for Fates). Consult Serenes' calculations page for Awakening here.
1c) For offensive staves, the hit/dodge rate is (MAG + SKL + Staff Hit + Weapon Rank Bonus) - (Enemy RES*3 + Enemy LCK)/2 - Terrain Avoid Bonus.

2) We are as of yet still unsure as to whether this will be a Classic or Casual Mode game. Should we do Classic Mode, we may implement a Save Roll system similar to D&D.

3) Supports will happen on your own time. Players may have their characters interact with each other and petition the DM for a gain in support level. Support bonuses to Hit, Crit, Avo and Dodge work the same way as they did in Awakening, but with a cap of +10 to each property.

4) Forging is allowed after a certain point in the story. Use this Excel spreadsheet to determine the modified properties of whatever weapon you're forging and the cost. Consult this spreadsheet for the cost and properties of each weapon.

5) For character creation, consult this topic.

6) Every attack made increases WEXP for the weapon type used by 2, and each kill achieved increases WEXP by 4.
6b) For maximum weapon ranks, consult the Classes spreadsheet. There will be certain units yet to be revealed who are exempt from these rules, however.
6c) WEXP and weapon ranks are in the table below:

6d) Weapon rank bonuses are in the table below. For Staves, REC means HP recovered and Hit refers to offensive staff hitrates—don't worry, we're not bringing back healing staff miss from Thracia.

6e) Weapon triangle calculations will be the same as in Awakening, and S rank bonuses will be the same as A rank. Consult SF's Awakening calculations section for this. Knives will be outside of the Weapon triangle, and the magic weapon triangle from FE6-FE10 will return.

7) The game will use the Attack/Guard Stance system of Fates.
7b) If your unit is not in Guard Stance and attacks an enemy unit, if there are any allies adjacent to your unit, you may pick which one you want to execute one attack after your first strike.
7c) For each attack a unit makes and receives while in the front of Guard Stance, that unit gets +1 to his/her Guard Meter. Once the Guard Meter hits 5, the next attack will be negated. One major difference from Fates, as far as I can tell: If a unit at the back of the Guard Stance is transferred to another unit's Guard Stance, their Guard Meter will remain the same.


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