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Post by rehab on Fri Aug 21, 2015 9:18 pm

-Character: Len
Current class: Troubador
Age: 16

Level/Current EXP: 3/0
Current HP/Max HP: 21
STR: 5
MAG: 8
SKL: 7
SPD: 10
LCK: 4
DEF: 3
RES: 5 (+2)

Weapon Ranks
-Staves: D/0


    *Resistance +2

Combat Stats:
-Base Avoid: 12
-Dodge: 14


Personal Pair Up Stats:
C Support: +1 SPD
B Support: +1 SPD, +1 MAG
A Support: +2 SPD, +1 MAG
S Support: +2 SPD, +2 MAG, +1LCK

Short blond hair, with a small ponytail. Slight/average build for a teenage boy. Wears plain and practical, if nice-enough dress between a servant's and a noble's; intended to neither embarrass, nor outshine his superior if seen together.

The former scion of a once-powerful house in Franconia, his parents died when he was 6 years old. In the ensuing power struggle, his house was destroyed and he was nearly killed as well. However, Dirk, one of Franconia's three High Commanders and one of Delia's loyal retainers, took him under his wing. Dirk had the young boy trained in horseback riding and healing.
When Len became 14, Dirk sent him to the royal palace to work as Delia's servant, mainly to serve as a close guard to the new crown princess against her enemies in the court. He was the one who caught wind of the assassination plot. After consulting Dirk and his foster sister, Charmaine, Len was instructed to take his liege and flee the country.

Strongly loyal to his foster family and Princess Delia, and dedicated to his position as her servant, guard and healer. Has a keen eye for trouble and sharp reflexes, though not particularly enthralled with politics and intrigue. Not particularly interested in seeking his family's old ducal title or its privileges. Vigorously dedicated to learning the arts of healing, magic, and riding, albeit simultaneously just a little bit self-conscious of his lack of recent practice with the sword (contrasting with his foster father and sister, both professional swordfighters).

-Heal (30 uses, Rank E, restores 10 + 8/3 = 12 HP)
-Vulnerary (30 uses, heals 10 HP)


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